Our Story & Mission

From day one, our mission was “To help owners, staff and people improve their business activities and processes” and that still remains our policy today.

Established in 1991 by Kevin Davis, MCS was set up to provide a consultation service for the DTI quality system initiative that helped small businesses with the ISO 9001 standard.

Since then we have assisted many organizations with implementation and related projects. We have also seen a lot of changes to the standard and the introduction of other new ISO standards, including Environmental, H&S and Energy to name a few.

Initially, the quality system standard was very much biased towards manufacturing, now it is more inclusive and covers a much broader range of organizations including I.T., Construction, Financial and Services etc.

Understanding the principles of a good management system relevant to your business (i.e. best practice) is the key for interpreting and applying the requirements of the standards.

It is our belief, that a strong business is one that is in tune with it’s customers that can adapt quickly to changing habits. Having a good management system in place is key to achieving this.