Audit Service

Audits are an integral part of any good business, especially when you need to demonstrate compliance.  Most, if not all management systems covered by the ISO family of standards (e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001 etc) require an organisation to self-check, be compliant and make improvements.  This checking should be carried out by someone who is independent, competent and understands your organisation and the standards they work to.

When done well, audits provide an insight into how your company is really performing, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to keep you ahead of the game.  Audits should be open, honest and true.  Audits which do not accurately reflect the system\area being audited can negatively impact on important decisions leading to a poor outcome.  Using the right Auditor is essential if you want good unbiased and accurate information.

Internal audits are typically planned, much like an annual vehicle MOT check. Audits will indicate if your company complies with its’ own procedures and the industry standards it works too.  Like an MOT, it should indicate a pass/fail result and provide advisory feedback to enable you to make changes before failure is encountered.  Audits are also used to provide valuable feedback when making decisions for improvements.

To ensure your systems comply with the relevant standards, we can help you with the following;

  • Liaise with the appropriate assessment body (e.g. BSI, Lloyd’s, Bureau Veritas and NQA etc. )
  • Plan your audits
  • Undertake independent audits (Who audits your auditor?)
  • Advise on audit findings and suitable corrective actions
  • Attend and minute your management review meetings

Our day rates are very competitive and include travel and all expenses.

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Audits are a key part of any management system, ref. the ‘check-act’ element, see below:


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